Introduction of the Control Principle of the Robot

Introduction of the Control Principle of the Robot

This article is mainly aiming at briefly summarizing the robot’s control method. And I will extend it when relate to specified projects.

The control of the robot mainly is control the motor. And the common method to control the motor is through PWM. Physically, a driver chip or a driver circuit is also needed to be connected to the motor.

Control board based on Linux rarely can produce PWM signal(simulating pwm)through GPIO to control the motor, and it is the single chip microcomputer that can control motor through producing hardware PWM signal.

Or use special control ship, such as DSP. If run linux system on it, and rely on its hardware feature, it is also easy to control the motor.


The GPIO port of the STM32 processor has PWM hardware features, so it is convenient to control the motor. This is the principle of mechanical arm control.


Camera captures images –》 opencv disposes –》 Convert to motion parameters –》Output to STM32 through serial port–》Control the motor with GPIO port.

—》Send the controller of the mechanical arm(arduino) through serial port –》Control the steering engine to complete the movement of the mechanical arm.

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