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The new sensor system will be seamlessly connected with Lego, which can be used to build perfect intelligent Lego applications, and based on the classic platform, follow one’s inclinations pf the application.

The following is a car’s prototype. It uses the motor module, and can play music while walking freely under remote control.

The horn module, 5*6 unit.

Combined with the Lego transmission system, and equipped with servo.

The next application example, the music box. Do you want to make a Bluetooth Lego music box on your own?

Adapter block:

The motor adapter

The back of the motor adapter

Install the motor

The frontage after installing the motor


  1. Sensor adapter block

The frontage

The full sensor module with the top lid covered.

The backface

The new sensor

The back of the sensor

The base of the adapter

  1. Horn adapter

The back of the adapter, and install the horn.

The effect after installing

  1. Servo adapter block

Adapter block


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