Microduino BT Serial Port Transmits Data to IOS Equipment

Microduino BT Serial Port Transmits Data to IOS Equipment


Project: Microduino BT communicates with IOS device.

Objective: IOS device sends strings to Microduino-Core through Microduino-BT, and displays on the OLED.


Time-consuming:20 minuets

Maker: Microduino Studio-YLB

Bill of Material

  • Microduino Equipment
Module Number Function
Microduino-Core 1 Core board
Microduino-USBTTL 1 Program download
Microduino-BT 1 Bluetooth communication
Microduino-OLED 1 To display
Microduino-Cube-S1 1 Baseboard


  • Software Appliance

Arduino IDE(1.0 version and the above). Head for App Store to download and install LightBlue;

  • Other Equipment and Devices
    • Support IOS devices of Bluetooth 4.0( above iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5, iPad 3, and iPad mini);
    • MicroUSB cable.


Program to download:



Step 1: Start Arduino IED, open the test program that Microduino provides,and the board card choose Microduino Core (Atmega328P@16M,5V);

Step 2: Overlay Microduino-USBTTL, Microduino-Core, and Microduino-BT. Then plug MicroUSB to download the programs.

Step 3: Begin to set up IOS device,and initiate the Bluetooth function of the IOS device;

Step 4: Open LightBlue,find out “Microduino” in “Peripherals Nearbyl” tab control, and clock it to start connection.

Step 5: After connecting successfully, the LED indicator light will light for 100ms every 5 seconds,and you can see the connection state in ISO. Then slip to the bottom, and choose “Characteristic 6”;

Step 6: Click “HEX” on the top right corner, and choose “UTF-8 String”;

Step 7: Choose “Write new value”, and input the data that you want to send, then choose “Done”.

Now you can see the data you have sent displayed on OLED. You can send “clean” to clean up the screen.


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