Use mCookie to build a simple watch.



Acquire time via RTC module and display time on the OLED screen.



Module Number Function
mCookie-CoreUSB 1 Core board
mCookie-RTC 1 Clock module
mCookie-OLED 1 Display screen
Microduino-BM 1 Battery management


  • Setup 1:Connect CoreUSB with your PC/MAC with a USB cable and open Arduino IDE.
CoreUSB Ble pc.jpg
  • Setup 2:Click file > Examples > mCookie > _202_mWatch and load program.
L mWatch-ino.jpg
  • Setup 3:Load the code and copy the program code to IDE. Select the right board and COM port for program download after compiling.

Program Description

  • ” draw()” function is OLED display interface and it displays characters with a few steps:
    • Set font
    • Set font coordinate place
    • Print characters to be displayed
  • setRtcTime() is time setting function. For example setRtcTime(15, 5, 18, 1, 10, 22, 33) presents 33 seconds at 10: 22 on Monday, 18, May, 2015.
void setRtcTime (byte _year, byte _month, byte _day, byte _week, byte _hour, byte _minute, byte _sec)
  //clear out all the registers
  rtc.setDate(_day, _week, _month, 0, _year);
  rtc.setTime(_hour, _minute, _sec);

Code Debugging

Find this code section and set the initial time of the RTC module. Re-load the code to CoreUSB after setting.

setRtcTime(15, 5, 18, 1, 00, 00, 00);

Enter “//” before this code section after loading the program, the whole section will turn gray and then re-load the program and you’ll see RTC can time automatically. (“//” means “comment out the program code and do not perform “. In this way, you needn’t run the program after calibration or the system will need re-set time after power-fail and re-start. )

//setRtcTime(15, 5, 18, 1, 00, 00, 00);

Hardware Buildup

  • Setup 1:Connect the activated battery box and BM module.
CoreUSB Ble steup2.jpg
  • Setup 2:Stack all modules together without fixed order and finish circuit buildup.
MWatch steup3.jpg


The first line shows data and week. The second line displays: time and the third displays custom text.

Legao mWatch.jpg

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