The Power of Team – The Birth of “I want you” Dot Matrix Scoring Device.

The Power of Team – The Birth of “I want you” Dot Matrix Scoring Device.

Bin has made a request this time he returns to Beijing:

He need to bring a dot matrix scoring device to LA for judges to grade and give stars.

The scheme has two design points:

  1. The key to trigger.
  2. The display of large screen.
  3. It is best not to appear cables.
  4. It has a shell.
  5. 5sets are needed.

Now start building scheme:

  1. Adopt big keys:Thank Rayfor helping finding such excellent keys in Zhongguancun.
  2. Use a large screen:Adopt 2x2array big screen composed of 4 8×8 dot matrixs.
  3. Communication without cables:Infrared is the most simple solution.
  4. Adomineering shell:Drag Jian determinedly.
  5. Five sets:It’s too difficult.

The following is the birth process of the dot matrix scoring device:

However, due to busy schedule, this project was carried out in the evening on March 6th.


3-6 PM19:41 :We built a set of 2×2 dot matrix and started debugging software. Jian completed the first edition of drawing, and we finished software debugging in this evening.

3-7 AM10:33 : Jian was improving the second edition of the drawing.


3-7 AM11:20 : The second edition of the screen was assembled.

Glue the screen preliminary together.


Cut in laser, and this is the screen box.

Assemble the screen and cascade the I2C bus.

Install the switch panel, the infrared receiving sensor and mCookie Duo-V, and connect modules with lines.


Stack mCookie Core, mCookie Sensorhub and mCookie BM, and the assembly of the screen has finished.


Look at the effect.

3-7 PM12:30 :Jian completed the drawing of the keys, and we started to refitted key connection lines.


Fix infrared sensors on the front of keys, and fix switch panels on the sides.


Then stack with mCookie Core, mCookie Sensorhub, and mCookie BM.


Programming, power on, and press the key. Stars on the screen light up slowly, which means everything is going well.

Everybody:It seems there isn’t any problem.

Someone:How many we need?



So they all joined small batches, cutting boards, welding switches, debugging screens, downloading programs, andinstall keys…

The bus to Miyun is leaving immediately;

At this moment someone asks:How long will it take?

Someone:In half an hour.


3-7 PM15:00 :The five sets were just completed at this moment;

It had been more than an hour since the problem of “how long will it take”, and the bus had been away for a long time;

The rest several people decided to go to Miyun in a carriage 100 kilometers away.

The video is as follows:(I have only seen once in IE7 under XP.)

On the way to Miyun, our messy hair.


A landscape:

All the people making efforts to catch this project :(All in random order)

Hu Jian, Ray, Shen Yang, Panda, Libin, Xiaowen, and Pen Shouheng.

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