Children’s Smart Home Product M

Children’s Smart Home Product M

Children’s Smart Home Product M has found a refreshing product-a graduation design of children’s smart home product.

When it comes to children’s toy box, do you think it is very comfortable for children to use? Not only that, the Toy Box-a smart receiving box can also make parents more comfortable.

Toy Box is made up of three parts, the first is the box itself with different colors-toy box, and then are two smart terminals, one is the parents’ monitor-mobile APP, and the other is children’s task card-cell phone.

First of all, let us look at the toy box, it’s very clearly a box for toys, there is a cute monster’s mouth on the box, where the NFC chips of toys can be identified in order to implement to keep a record of toys received. In addition to gorgeous & cute monster look, the nose of the toy box maybe easily ignored. It is not an ordinary nose, but a little blackboard which can be used to mark the type of toys to store. However, just think about children’s nature of letting loose, their creative space maybe extended to the whole box, so…let us on to the next topic.

Can this box make kids obedient? After all, they will not always be angels, so the APP is a strategy for parents. Through the APP, parents can set the storage task for children and promise to give them certain rewards after completing the task, then monitor whether they have reached the storage number set by parents in each storage cycle (the cycle is 21 days at least, which follows the scientific method of getting into the habit in 21 days!) through the synchronous data from cell phone. And then it is the time for the angels to take credit for their achievement with the cell phone!

cell phone is a smart device. It can record the completion of the storage task on children’s hands and collect the storage number of the toy box, at the same time. It will display the process of the storage task according to the hatching process of the little monster out,  so that children can promote the growth of the little monster through the storage action, and then they would go to the parents for rewards!

Then let us feel the angels’ diligence through the completed usage tutorial~

Step 1: Use the NFC chip to mark the types of toys, that is to say which color of the box you want to put the toy in.

Step 2: When you are collecting toys, it can record the storage action through identifying the NPC chips.

Step 3: cell phone collects the storage data and synchronizes it to the mobile APP.

Step 4: The evolution of the little monster

Step 5: Complete the storage task and receive the reward

Maybe there is someone thinking that there are still some problems of the Toy Box, however, the design philosophy of the product and fun play meet M’s sense of style to a certain extend, what is of vital importance is the smart part of the Toy box is built with Microduino, so there is no reason for M to not support it~

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