Maybe the Next Edison Lying on the Music Pillow

Maybe the Next Edison Lying on the Music Pillow

Speaking of “early education”, what is the picture in your mind? Now, students majored in household product design from Central Academy of Fine Arts bring out new final year projects! ~\(≧▽≦)/~The theme of this issue is children’s early education.

Did you hear of the ten inventions of children to change the world recently? Do you know both the popsicle that rescues the whole summer and the calculator that freed the draft paper are invented by children? So, wisdom and enlightenment is the focus of life! How can you imagine that the next good-to-use invention maybe born in your kid’s brain! So follow me to meet today’s music pillow and learn about how it becomes kids’ good friend.

First of all, let me show the design logic of it. We all know, during the growth process of children, they will develop cognitive on many fronts, among these the more important three are hearing, vision and touch. Kids’ like brightly colored and soft objects, and would make a response to music melody even if he or she is asleep.

Music Pillow series of children’s early education music pillow is designed based on this feature  to make positive stimulus for children through sound, color and soft touch in order to inspire them to explore the world.

This series of pillows has 4 styles which are decorated with ears, arms, feet and tails. To make it clear, name them “MIMI”, “Lily”, “Buddy” and “Lola”.

Needless to say soft, the pillow is full of cotton inside, and wrapped in silk outside, so that the silky and soft touch makes it comfortable to nap on. It adopts open method on color, on one hand, children can develop their own creativity when having a creating desire, on the other hand, parents can draw some patents which would attract their children.

So the point is how does the music part show? It’s in the decorative part. The tail of MIMI, the arm of Lily, the feet of Buddy and the ear of Lola are all switch to trigger music.

Among them, specially, the feet of Buddy are divided into two parts, patting one part can control the play of music, and patting the other part can control the volume of music. Just simple actions such as pat or shake allow babies to interact with the pillows and inspire them to explore the world. In a word, it’s absolutely not a “mediocre” series of pillows~

Looking at your children’s smiling faces, on the music pillows, may you talk about your views?

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