Smart Music Player – activated by Touch

Smart Music Player – activated by Touch

In this heavy rain weather, M needs some music to create an atmosphere, so for this period of graduation design works of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, I would recommend a smart music player to you, You must be familiar with the music player products, however, the design of this Touch Me portable music player may stand out~

The whole shape and operating mode of the music player use phonograph as reference, well, just as the OREO Music Box, the screen is full of the style of vinyl records~

The point is it is not only a music player, also a complex player-in addition to the overall design, take the top rotation part separately off, it is also an independent music player.

Are two music players stacked together called complex one?! It is special to design it as two music player. At first, the retro design of the CD player can create a sense of nostalgia, when you put the stylus on the separate music box gracefully.

Speaking of portability, it is embodied on the independent small music player. The music player is a lightweight version of the gesture controlled Bluetooth music player, with moderate volume, which is equivalent to the size of our face, measured by M self, or roughly the size of a 6-inch cake. Compared to the ritual sense of the whole music player, it pays attention to the fun.

You can see the independent music box is divided into three parts by “deep gray-white-light gray” edges which are corresponding to the functions as “Next-Last-Play/Pause” respectively, so that after connect it to your phone through Bluetooth, you can touch the corresponding area to control it.

It is the point again: the independent music box has a more interesting function which is in adjusting the volume. Compared to the traditional way of touching or pressing, it adopts a unique rotation control mode——turn it clockwise, the volume will increase; conversely, the volume will decrease.

The Independent music box also supports wireless charging. You can play it as well while it is charging. So, what do you think about it? Is it an essential household product?

And last for you is a group of completed products videos which let’s feel the smooth users experience

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