The Dot Matrix Toy

The Dot Matrix Toy


At first it is planned to be used in the classes. The course design master wants to make an application of the dot matrix, to show the modularized characteristic of mCookie. And based on uncertain sensors and modules, realize the multifunction creativity. It has a higher playability which will catch students’ eyes.


In the present are keys, mic sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and the Bluetooth. So under the guidance of Luan Xin and Panda, I have determined the scheme.

  1. The mic sensor tests the volume, and display it on the screen. At first it displays several patterns. Under the reminding of Panda, I changed it into sound spectrum, and the effect is greatly improved.
  2. Detect the humidity. The higher the humidity is, the brighter the screen is.
  3. Connect it with the mobile phone through the Bluetooth, and use mobile app to control it to do operation such as transmit static images, English words, real-time dynamic drawing and so on.


Unopened dot matrix toy:

After opening:

  1. The wooden board designed by Jian.
  2. The introductions designed by Suo.
  3. The packing box designed by Xi.
  4. The dot matrix and mCookie-CoreUSB and mCookie-Hub designed by Panda.
  5. The temperature and humidity sensor.
  6. The mic sound sensor.
  7. The crash switch.
  8. Screws.

9.USB cable

Start to assembly the shell, and here I won’t add pictures one by one.

Install sensors, and fix modules.

mic sound mode.

Humidity mode.

Bluetooth mode.

The video, copy it to the browser.


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