Time machine, please help me to bring this pure land to my childhood

Time machine, please help me to bring this pure land to my childhood

The final of the graduation projects from Home products design major of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Today’s fresh- beauties Make this summer a little cool. First is the picture

Before uncovering the mysteries of the smart products Let me talk about the background of the products design—— A kid grows up alone.

However, not all children are growing in such loneliness In order to give a warm response

To each independent soul Our author creates this series of works—— Pure · Land

The three works themselves are basic

Sweet atmosphere humidifier

Mood light

Music player hanger

In fact, there are mysteries inside they have two special points

First, the three products were made from diatomaceous earth which feature prominently

and can absorb moisture, deodorize, resist water, insulate thermal and has good permeability.


Hence, it has natural advantages used in home products. Second, all the three products have dynamic effects added in they can produce some basic interactions with the users add some delight of life to those who live alone.

Let me explain to you one by one:


The author named this series of his works Pure · Land hoping to bring you the coolest comfort of the summer





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