The Microduino Tank

The Microduino Tank

I don’t say much, start to work at once! Start with the materials list, this one is a green environmental special section, what are required are all common wastes in our daily life, such as bottle caps, popsicle sticks, and paper boards, so the materials are easy to collect.

The first is the tank body, this part was done in accordance with the size, it is not difficult. The difficulty is the cover, this part should have been equipped with a bamboo stick as the bearing, but there was only an extra disposable chopsticks at hand, no slim alternatives indeed. M decided to open the paper board and empty the stuffing~

The second is the head of the tank. The side of the head is radian, I needed to draw a semicircle~

The head is finished!And then I added a straw to it. At that time, it occurred to me that enable the head to rotate with a servo.

During the dismantling process, I found the glue gun was really tough, except a little hot, it was very handy. OK, the servo was embedded successfully.

The third step is for the wheels driven by motors. I used an electric drill to drill bottle caps to make wheels.

At this point, the prototype of the tank appears.

Fourth, connect the motors. I used the glue gun to make several hollow circular boards to fix the rubber bands on the motors so they wouldn’t fall off, however the friction force is huge…

M decided to pierce the sides of the body and use the main wheels to pull the tracks to drive the whole tank.

Fifth, connect mCookie modules! Beside of core and motor modules, I used a BLE module so that the tank could be controlled by a mobile phone. And then upload the program~

  1. Connect the tracks, I decided to make two tracks on my own. I only had medical rubber gloves and a sign pen to make that, so they are so rough….

At last, sticked the other completed wheels onto the tank body. After that, the drive wheel was suspended in mid-air……

After laying it aside for a few days, M found hope again, connect the drive wheels and the wheels close to the ground with homemade tracks. It could move! Although it couldn’t move smoothly in a variety of environments, it is still a completed work!


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