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Buggy Program Reference: User Interface
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Production process

Alien Buggy: Hi everyone, welcome to the Scratch 3 Introduction!
Let me introduce you our best friend Corey here.
Corey is from scratch planet, and you can interact with him using the “Motion”, “Looks” and “Sound” code blocks!
Corey: Hi sciencetist. I believe you are very talented and let me tell you more about our scratch technology. Scratch is a visual programming language and online community developed by MIT.
Microduino created the mDesigner 3 for Buggy Planet base on the scratch technology, and it continues the “easy in use design” concept from Scratch 3 and combine it with other functions including Arduino, Python, AI and IoT. Users can do the programming in mDesigner 3 by simply dragging the graphical code blocks to control the hardwares and create their fun inventions.

Corey: Can you see me on the stage? Great! I am waiting for you.

On the stage, I can run around, sing songs or even dance when you tell me to.

Look at the Toolbar and different types of code blocks. You can have me moving around on the stage!

Why don’t we do a exercise now! I also need you to help me decorating the stage!

Corey: Woo Hoo! Welcome back Alien Buggy! Little Scientist, you are very smart and outstanding. I believe you have already learned some of our space technology! Don’t forget to sign up an account in our ideaLab to become one of our Space Union member!

Alien Buggy: You are doing well, my little scientist. I know you are ready for Lesson 2. Me and Corey will see you again soon!

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