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Buggy Program Tutorial: Installation
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On our Microduino website we have tools to help you get more enjoyment from your Itty Bitty Buggy.
The software mDesigner 3 is designed for Buggy computer programming.
Go to our webpage: https://microduinoinc.com/
In our Download page, the Buggy mDesigner 3 is located under Resources.

Click the version for your computer (Windows or Mac). This will direct you to the download instructions.

Itty Bitty Buggy Features:

Before using the mDesigner 3, here are some details about the Buggy, and there are two major parts: the "mCenter+" and the "Buggy Body".

mCenter+ :

Other than a long life rechargeable battery, mCenter+ is also the "brain" of the Buggy. It can understand the complicated programs and perform commands with the use of Buggy Base and different sensors.

Moreover, the mCookie series can stack on the top of mCenter+. The best part: All of the mCookie series modules and mCenter+ are magneticly stackable so avoids messy wiring!.
Microduino also puts the "Hub" on the other side of mCenter+ to support a board varity of sensors. By adding mCookies and sensors, there are endless kinds of expansion and creativity to build your unique Buggy!
Our Engineer team will also upload a lot of interesting Buggy projects on ideaLab, follow us to see more!

Buggy Body :

Buggy Body includes color LEDs, line finder sensors, two motors and a buzzer into one super kit.
As a result, once you connect the Buggy Body to D2/D3 core extension hub, Buggy can perform different commands such as Remote Control, Play Music by Color Recgonition, Line Following and Voice Control.

With the understanding of the Buggy Body and mCenter+, it will be easier to learn the mDesigner 3 programming.

Thank you so much for reading. For the programming tutorial, please go to the webpage:

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