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Building Block Access Control & mCookie
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Production process
  • The mCookie functional modules are perfectly combined with the sensor Lego adapter designed by Jian. I have to use them to make something.
  • The RFID designed by Du Yongwei, the genius who can draw the circuit board and develop software, I haven’t play yet. On a whim, what shoud I make?
  • Panda has made the door of our company be open by scan code with mobile phone. (It is too troublesome. I have to take a long time to look for the subscription to open the door!!! The development of the networking should be convenient for people, rather than make trouble.)
Changing it into NFC sweeping-card access control, I can try it. This is done well.
Look for hardware, and debug the RFID module.
And I have ask Panda for the code._^_^_
Hardware Preparation
  • mCookie-CoreUSB
  • mCookie-Hub
  • mCookie-OLED
  • Servo Connector
  • Crash
  • mCookie-RFID

Change the Code (Panda used NFC module, and I use RFID module here.).
  • The NFC module is a two-way communication. It can not only write data to ID card, but also read the information in ID card. RFID can only read the information in ID card.
After debugging, start to set up Lego(I have spent several hours). Picture is truth.
Sweep the main card can copy cards, and it can store up to 256 cards. Being stuck to the main card for 10 seconds can remove the card.
The door opens, and the OLED screen will display the unlocking pattern.
After entering, the OLED screen will display the locking pattern.
Without swiping card for a long time,  the OLED screen will enter the sleep mode.
When I showed it to Machine, he mentioned a key problem that I should add a button to open the door inside. It is OK.
Thank for Jian’s designed structure that make it combine with Lego perfectly.
Open the door with the steering gear, but it also depends on the steering gear Lego adapter.

Required hardware
Code show
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