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Weather Picture Frame
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Production process


  • Condition 1:I always feel the air has some bad scent recently.
  • Condition 2:I have several free dot matrix modules.
  • Condition 3:One day, I happened to find that the size of IKEA’s photo frame was suitable for dot matrix.


  • Let me make a weather station to monitor air.
First of all, tear down the photo frame bought in IKEA.
Then arrange the dot matrix modules.

Add hot melt adhesive to fix the dot matrix, and at the same time, fill the space between the dot matrix and frame with sponge.
Install the sensor
  • On the top left corner is dust sensor, which can detect PM2.5.
  • Below are respectively air quality sensor and temperature and humidity sensor.
  • The baseboard uses Cube S1.
  • The core is module Core.

The lighting effect:

Required hardware
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