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The Little Circling Train
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Production process
The Circling Little Train
I have made a small train sand table, and its size is 56*36cm(based on the ikea cabinet plate).  Iwant to modify it into a high end large smart one, for example, after inserting coins, it will run for two laps, or smart light system, and so on. But it’s not determined yet, and you all can give your advice.

The first is the completed picture:

The sidewalk
The old pin tree
Jiaodaokou, Sidaokou or Wudaokou.
Lift lever to release
The old house and dog kennel
Two trains. The left one is the first train DerAdler in the history of Germany, and the right one is 030 Tender.
The terminal, and workers.
The oil tank truck
The passengers waiting for the train
The pavement and cabin
The overall size(comparing with iphone5)
The following are the pictures of the making process.
First lay the track(tomy n proportion orbit), and complete the boundary of the roadbed.
Make the subgrade with gypsum.
Use topographical cloth(plastic cloth)to make other parts.
Check the smoothness of the track
Pave the asphalt and the grass(acrylic coat+ grass meal)
Lay the pavement.
Enclose garden.
Pave bricks. The bricks is made of clay of an Italy brand , and the effect is very good.
Put a small pavilion.
The light in the pavilion.
Make goods station and logs. Use round bars and sticks and chips. There is no laser cutting machine.
Set the goods station.
The effect of the goods station.
The basic making part of the sand table is ended here. And the next is the electronic transformation part. The mCookie will be used, and please look forward to.

Required hardware
Code show
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Great job love it! Thanks for posting this.



Thank you so much! This project is created by one of our customer: ohhllo, and I moved it here from our old ideaLab platform.



So getting a train set again now....lol actually have a project planned for one I really thought I would have seen more trains being incorperated into projects over time but nothing its such an amazing platform to add more electronics too.

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